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  1. skd says

    These are absolutely fantastic. You could give the best brands a run for their money. The tutorial is complete and in detail. You have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try it

    • Dini says

      Thank you so much!!! Coming from you that is a huge compliment! 😀
      I have to confess we did pig out on that filling just on its own too… :p

    • Dini says

      Thank you Julianna! 😀 I’m not sure which I’m going crazy with yet… the white chocolate or the doughnuts!!

  2. zita subasinghe says

    Mouth watering as usual and so well explained and easy to make really.
    You make it so interesting and it becomes fun to make it.
    Many thanks!
    All the best for still greater things in the future.

  3. Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake says

    These look soooo good! and that’s coming from somebody who doesn’t like coffee!
    I’ve fried my own doughnuts a couple of times but I always have such a hard time keeping the oil the right temperature, I usually end up with only about half of the doughnuts done right which is such a waste! This may be a stupid question but when you shortening do you mean the solid vegetable fat? Not tried that, I usually use vegetable oil.

    • Dini says

      Thank you Michelle! 😀 I find that keeping the oil constant is harder too… I’m always tinkering with the heat and if it weren’t for my thermometer it would be harder!
      For some reason (I can’t explain it) but shortening seemed to give better results for this! But you can use vegetable oil too!! (Shortening is solid Vegetable oil :D!) The most important part is to make sure there is a good volume of oil in there! I read somewhere that there should be a 3-5 inch depth below the doughnut…

  4. Oana @AdoreFoods says

    Dini, these donuts look amazing! I don’t know if I am able to make them but for sure, I would love a dozen, right now! Great tutorial! That dough is perfection 🙂

    • Dini says

      Thank you so much Oana! 🙂 It used to be intimidating for me, but now I love making doughnuts! The only thing that prevents me from making it every week are those sneaky “calories”!!